Saturday, November 17, 2012

David's Jamaican Cuisine - Monona, WI

David's Jamaican occupies a defunct Taco Bell.

The food was good, some crazy good although I can't vouch for how authentic it is as Jamaican. None were as spicy as anticipated.  The country style catfish, curry chicken, and fried plantain were fantastic.  The jerk pork was tender but a little on the salty side and not as flavorful as expected.  The jerk chicken was bland.  The jambalaya had an unusual but very inviting taste.  The BBQ pork also warranted seconds. The mango chicken wasn't appealing to me.

Of course a buffet wouldn't be a buffet without seconds. The banana cake was OK.

I see David's as being part of my regular restaurant circuit.

Restroom Rating: 6.3

5734 Monona Drive
Monona, WI 53716
(608) 222-8109

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  1. Are there veggies/fruit on the buffet besides the plantains? I need more then just meat and carbs in a buffet. Thanks

    1. Yes, they do offer fruits and vegetables including salads in the buffet but they are rather limited as is the overall offerings. Some of the veggies were rather good.